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What is MathDash?

MathDash provides a fast-paced, rewarding gameplay experience that reinforces math skills learned in elementary school. Traditionally, students are taught the foundations of arithmetic by memorization of math facts and a student’s knowledge is tested with questions that have only one answer.

To gain mastery of math fundamentals students need to be able to manipulate numbers and develop flexibility when seeking solutions. MathDash rewards flexible thinking. Developed as a part of Microsoft's Imagine Cup, it encourages players to approach problems from multiple perspectives. Students develop an intellectual advantage by learning to think outside the box while players of any age can enjoy MathDash’s simple, engaging gameplay.

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Q:What mobile platforms is MathDash available on?

A:Currently MathDash is available on the Windows Phone 7. Android and iOS versions of the game are in the works.

Q:Is MathDash on the Windows Phone marketplace?

A:The paperwork is on the way! Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to be informed the second it's released.

Q:Has MathDash been tested on students?

A:Yes, we take feedback very seriously and therefore made sure to field test MathDash with students. First we tested MathDash at Springfield Middle School in Springfield PA; We then went ahead and performed the same tests on different students of the same age after hours outside the school environment. To see some clips of our testing check out our YouTube video.

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